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List of actions, 1992-2006

A list of Gush-Shalom actions since its coming about in 1992, updated until Dec. 2006

17.12.92 - On the day of the mass-deportation of 415 Palestinians, demonstration against the decision, at the Tel-Aviv Hilton, where Mr. Rabin was about to make a speech.

26.12.92 - Torch parade in Tel-Aviv against the deportation, initiated by Peace Now, but we "radicals" were in the majority among the demonstrators.

13.1.93 - Setting up of protest tents in Jerusalem, opposite the Prime Minister's office. Protesters - both Jewish and Arab - lived in the tents for 45 days and nights.

20.1.93 - Demonstration of the wives of the deportees in front of the tents.

23.1.93 - Mass meeting with Islamic movement against the deportation in Kfar Kassem.

27.1.93 - Demonstration of the children of the deportees, in front of the tents.

30.1.93 - Torch parade against the deportation, near President's residence in Jerusalem.

6.2.293 - Planting of 415 saplings in Tira village, to protest against the deportation.

23.2.93 - Demonstration against the deportation in Jerusalem, on the occasion of the visit of Warren Christopher.

26.2.93 - Folding of the tents. Final mass-meeting.

25.3.93 - Deportees' children's and Gush activists march to the Lebanese border.

15.4.93 - Protest vigil opposite Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem against the "closure" of the occupied territories.

27.4.93 - Official founding conference of the Gush in Tel-Aviv.

5.6.93 - "Peace Convoy" to the Gaza strip, to protest closure. Joint protest meeting with local leaders, including Haidar Abd-el-Shafi.

21.7.93 - Demonstration in Jerusalem, under the slogan "Jerusalem - capital of 2 states". Attended by Sa'eb Arikat and Ziad Abu-Ziad.

26.7.93 - First demonstration against the war in Lebanon in Tel-Aviv.

28.7.93 - Second demonstration against the war in Lebanon.

31.7.93 - Third demonstration against the war in Lebanon, together with Hadash.

26.8.93 - Demonstration at the Labor Party headquarters in Tel-Aviv, under the slogan "Rabin - Talk With Arafat!"

30.8.93 - Taking part in the creation of the "Joint Staff" of the peace movements, in favor of the Israel-PLO accord.

4.9.93 - Taking part in the big demonstration of the "Joint Staff" in Tel-Aviv.

13.9.93 - Taking part in joint Israeli-Palestinian festivity in East Jerusalem, congratulating Israeli-PLO signature of Oslo Declaration of Principles.

7.10.93 - Joint demonstration with the PLO in Nablus, for the immediate release of all Palestinian prisoners. Attended by Faisal al-Husseini.

30.10.93 - Joint demonstration with the PLO in Jerusalem, against the setting up of a new Jewish housing project in Ral-al-Amud, Eastern Jerusalem. Attended by Faisal al-Husseini.

26.11.93 - Demonstration in Tel-Aviv, opposite the Defence Ministry, against the shooting of Palestinians by the army in the occupied territories.

1.12.93 - Joint press conference with the PLO-Jerusalem against the renewed violence in the occupation authorities.

4.12.93 - Joint demonstration with the PLO-Jerusalem at the al-Ram checkpoint, against the shooting of Palestinians by the army.

8.12.93 - Demonstration to stop the settlers, Sokolov House, Tel-Aviv, during speech by Rabin.

28.12.93 - Defence watch at Orient House in Jerusalem, the seat of the Palestinian peace delegation, against the threat of settlers to blockade the building.

31.12.93 - Participation of delegation at Fatah birthday festival in Deheishe refugee camp.

4.1.94 - Public meeting with Fatah activists in Tel-Aviv.

7.1.94 - Demonstration against settlers at Bethlehem closure checkpoint. Participation of delegation at Fatah birthday festival in East Jerusalem.

19.1.94 - Public meeting with the Islamic deportees, after their return, in Gaza.

29.1.94 - Demonstration on the Golan heights ("Peace is more important than the Golan"). Meeting with the Syrian Druse in Magdal-Shams.

30.1.94 - Demonstration in front of the Labor Party Council meeting under the slogan "Prepare for the evacuation of the settlements".

15.2.94 - Meeting with leaders in Hebron to plan common action against the settlers.

19.2.94 - Demonstration in Ma'aleh-Adumim against eviction of Jahalin Beduins.

24.2.94 - Participation in protest watch in occupied Gaza against the continued detention of the spokesmen of the Islamic deportees.

25.2.94 - Hebron massacre. Protest demonstration opposite the Ministry of Defence in Tel-Aviv.

5.3.94 - Participation of the Gush as separate bloc in mass demonstration against the massacre, under the slogan "Dismantle all Settlements Now!"

30.3.94 - Participation in the "Day of the Land" mass-meeting in the Beduin town Rahat.

15.4.94 - Participation in demonstration of Palestinian trade unions against the closure at al-Ram checkpoint.

16.4.94 - Demonstration in front of Rabin's home in Tel-Aviv, "Rabin, How much more Bloodshed until Withdrawal?"

11.5.94 - Demonstration opposite Prime Minister's office and the Knesset: "From Gaza and Jericho - to the Palestinian State".

11.6.94 - Joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration at al-Ram checkpoint against the closure and for "Jerusalem - Capital of Two States".

24.6.94 - Demonstration opposite Defence Ministry in Tel-Aviv: "Release All Palestinian Prisoners Now!"

1.7.94 - Arafat receives Gush members (Uri and Rachel Avnery) on his first day in Gaza.

2.7.94 - Arafat receives Gush members and Israeli writers' delegation in Gaza.

10.7.94 - Demonstration in Tel-Aviv against "Third Way" (right-wing Labour) conference.

12.7.94 - Demonstration in front of Hasharon prison for the release of the female Palestinian prisoners.

17.7.94 - Following workers' riots at Erez checkpoint, demonstration in front of the Defence Ministry against the closure.

22.7.94 - Demonstration in Jerusalem Town Hall square, "Olmert - Hands off East Jerusalem".

25.7.94 - Official visit of Gush delegation in Jericho, reception by Jibril Rajub on behalf of of the Palestinian National Authority.

26.7.94 - Planning session with Feisal al-Husseini in Orient House, Jerusalem.

2.8.94 - Solidarity visit to the protest tent of Israeli Arab mayors in Jerusalem.

4.8.94 - Working session with Yasser Arafat in Gaza.

10.9.94 - Joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration against the demolition of Palestinian houses in al-Zaim, near Jerusalem.

10.9.94 - Meeting with released Palestinian prisoners exiled to Jericho.

11.9.94 - Meeting with Mahmud Abbas (Abu-Mazen) in Gaza.

21.9.94 - Aker-Avnery report on violations of Oslo agreement - Joint press conference of the Gush and the Palestinian Peace Information Center in Jerusalem.

21.10.94 - Mourning Vigil at Disengoff Circle, Tel-Aviv, after Hamas attack on bus. Violent confrontation with right-wing hooligans.

8.11.94 - Open Forum with leaders of the Islamic movement, in Tel-Aviv.

22.11.94 - Joint demonstration with Meretz youth at Kalkilia checkpoint, against the demolition of the home of suicide bomber's family.

26.11.94 - Joint demonstration with Peace Now at Prime Minister's home in Jerusalem for removal of settlements from Gaza Strip.

10.12.94 - Demonstration in Tel-Aviv at the time of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, under the slogan: "Peace Prize O.K. - But what about the Implementation of the Agreement?"

11.12.94 - Joint demonstration with Faisal al-Husseini and the Palestinian Center of Non-Violent Studies at Ras-al-Amud against the closure of East Jerusalem.

25.12.94 - Demonstration on al-Khader hill against new settlement, one activist arrested.

27.12.94 - Demonstration on al-Khader hill against new settlement, several activists arrested.

30.12.94 - Big joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration in al-Khader, attacked by army, 30 activists arrested.

28.1.95 - Joint Israeli-Palestinian study-group tours Ma'aleh-Amos area, settlers open fire on the group.

8.2.95 - Protest vigil opposite the Defense Ministry in Tel-Aviv against the continued closure of the Palestinian territories: "Closure = Hunger, Hunger = Explosion."

12.2.95 - Protest vigil opposite the Prime Minister's office during cabinet meeting: "Rabin and Co. - You're burying the peace, you're losing power!"

25.2.95 - "Solidarity visit" to endangered Palestinian village Beith-Ijsah, opposite Givon settlement, stopped by police and army, demonstration.

1.4.95 - Simultaneous joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstrations at the al-Ram and Giloh checkpoints, against closure of Jerusalem.

5.4.95 - Forum discussion with Arafat advisor Dr. Ahmad Tibi, violent confrontation with right-wing hooligans.

12.5.95 - Demonstration against land confiscation and settlements in Jerusalem, display of road sign "West Jerusalem - Israel, East Jerusalem - Palestine. Speech by Faisal Husseini.

15.5.95 - Demonstration against the expulsion of the Jahalin Beduin tribe for land given to the Ma'aleh Adumim settlement near Jerusalem.

20.5.95 - Participation in Israeli-Palestinian protest demonstration against expropriation of land in Beth-Tsafafa.

16.6.95 - First publication of manifesto "Our Jerusalem". (Second list of signatories 30.6.95, third 14.7.95, forth 4.8.95, fifth 8.9.95).

4.7.95 - Press conference "Our Jerusalem" with Faisal Husseini.

11.7.95 - Delegation of "Our Jerusalem" received by Yassir Arafat.

20.7.95 - Army at Erez checkpoint prevents Gush delegation from joining Palestinian peace demonstration in Gaza territory.

28.7.95 - Demonstration against new settlement at al-Khadar.

29.7.95 - Delegation visits Orient House in protest against harassment by settlers.

26.8.95 - Solidarity visit of 150 signatories of "Our Jerusalem" at Orient House.

20.9.95 - Symposium "5000 Years Jerusalem" with participation of prominent historians, archaeologists, art and literature experts, to disprove official propaganda campaign "3000 Years Jerusalem".

27.9.95 - Day before “Oslo 2” agreement, participation in Palestinian demonstration against settlers in Hebron.

17.10.95 - Demonstration at the President's mansion "Release all Palestinian prisoners". Following: demonstration at Prime Minister's residence "Bring the soldiers back from Lebanon".

4.11.95 - Participation in giant peace rally. MURDER OF RABIN.

12.11.95 - Participation in giant rally of mourning for Rabin.

25.11.95 - Demonstration against new road to cut off Kalkilia.

22.2.96 - Start of operation "Duchan", street stands for signing of "Our Jerusalem" manifesto.

23.2.96 - Giant ad of "Our Jerusalem" manifesto, with signatures of 675 prominent Israelis and Palestinians.

1.3.96 - Delegation to Bil'ein demonstration against land expropriation for Kiryat Sefer settlement.

10.3.96 – Gush delegation meets with Yasser Arafar.

9.3.96 - Joint demonstration with Peace Now in Jerusalem after terror attacks, "Yes to peace, No to violence".

16.3.96 - Joint demonstration in Hebron, against violence and closure.

22.3.96 - Joint demonstration with Israeli-Palestinian physicians, against closure denying treatment to sick people.

22.3.96 - Joint demonstration with Meretz youth, against planned deportation of families of suspected terrorists.

30.3.96 - Delegation to Betlehem demonstration against expropriation.

6.4.96 - Joint demonstration of all Palestinian parties and the Gush against land expropriation in Bethlehem.

17.4.96 - Demonstration against war in Lebanon, opposite Ministry of Defence, Tel-aviv.

4.5.96 - Participation in peace demonstration in Rabin Square, Tel-Aviv, to mark passing of half a year since the assassination.

10.5.96 - Bazaar of Palestinian handiwork in Tel-Aviv under the slogan "The Closure is a Disaster".

18.5.96 - Delegation to demonstration in Hebron against closure of Hebron University.

8.6.96 - Consultation with Mayor of Hebron after Israeli Elections (29.5) - Palestinian-Israeli March in Bethlehem against "Security Road".

22.6.96 - Fact-finding tour of leading journalists and opinion-makers in Hebron, organised by the Gush.

2.7.96 - Gush delegation meets with Jassir Arafat in Gaza to discuss joint actions after Israeli elections.

6.7.96 - Fact-finding tour of 100 Gush activists in Hebron, meeting with mayors of Hebron and Halhul.

4.8.96 - Gush members visit Hatam Abd-el-Kader, member of Palestinian Legislative Council, after his Jerusalem office was closed by Israeli police.

5.8.96 - Gush delegation conveys solidarity with Tabarin Beduin tribe, whose lands, near Omer (Israel), were confiscated.

19.8.96 - Meeting between Arafat and 50 senior Israeli journalists, organised by the Gush.

28.8.96 - Demonstration with Jahalin Bedouins near Ma'aleh Adumim, against their expulsion.

26,27,28.9.96, 1.10.96 - Participation in mass demonstrations against Netanyahu government actions, following opening of Jerusalem tunnel.

2.11.96 - Participation in memorial rally for Rabin, distribution of leaflet: "Rabin's Testament - Peace with Palestine".

4.11.96 - Participation in inauguration of Rabin memorial - distribution of sticker: "What have you done today to topple the government?"

20.11.96 - Condolence visit in Nailin village after killing of Palestinian demonstrator against land expropriation.

26.11.96 - Public debate with leading army experts on the Motivation Decline and Conscientious Objection by Israeli soldiers.

14.12.96 – Gush activists visit Orient House, confer with Faisal Husseini.

20.12.96 - Joint Israeli-Palestinian Demonstration against government decision to create new Ras-al-Amud Settlement in Jerusalem.

24.12.96 - Consultation with governor of Ramallah, fact-finding tour of villages threatened by Kiryat-Sefer settlement.

1.1.97 - Demonstration at Defence Ministry in Tel-Aviv, "Get Settlers Out Of Hebron", after murderous attack on Arabs by religious soldier.

11.1.97 - Planning session with Fatah in Ramallah.

18.1.97 - Joint demonstration with Fatah and villagers in Harbata, to protest against expansion of Kiryat Sefer settlement-town. Symbolic planting of olive saplings prevented by force by Israeli army.

25.1.97 - Yasser Arafar meets Gush activists in liberated Hebron.

12.2.97 - Distribution of stickers "Leave Lebanon Now" at Meretz conference.

14.2.97 - Joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration near Abu-Dis against expulsion of Jahalin tribe: "Abraham was a Bedouin".

26.2.97 - Delegation to demonstration against building on Jebel Abu Gneim (Har Homa) in East Jerusalem.

26.2.97 - Delegation to demonstration against starting a quarry on expropriated land near Tulkarem.

1.3.97 - Joint demonstration with inhabitants of Beith-Zahur against building of Jewish settlement on “Har Homa”.

7.3.97 - Joint demonstration with West Bank Palestinians against settlement on “Har Homa”.

8.3.97 - Participation in Peace Now demonstration against settlement on “Har Homa”.

17.3.97 - Publication of first list of signatories under petition "At the Last Moment - Stop the Bulldozers!" (second list 19.3, third list 26.3, fourth and inclusive list of 850 signatories 9.4.)

18.3.97 - Gush delegation in the Palestinian tent encampment opposite “Har Homa”, as Bulldozers start working on the mountain.

21.3.97 - Gush demonstration together with Palestinian prayer-meeting opposite “Har Homa”.

3.4.97 - Israeli-Palestinian children's meeting opposite “Har Homa”, children draw the mountain.

12.4.97 - Signatories of solidarity petition organized by the Gush join Palestinians opposite “Har Homa”. Gush activist faints, removed by Palestinian ambulance.

12.5.97 - Aachen Peace Price awarded to Gush Shalom and Uri Avnery.

4.6.97 - Peace March to “Har Homa” and meeting with Palestinians at the protest encampment, on "Jerusalem Day".

9.6.97 - Forum with Faris Kadura, Shmuel Gruag and David Mir on "Jerusalem: Ethnic Cleansing".

21.6.97 - Participation in Jerusalem Israeli-Palestinian mass-meeting and Peace March: "Jerusalem - Capital of two States".

23.6.97 - Participation in Tel-Aviv women's march "We have no Children to Spare for a Superfluous War!"

28.6.97 - Distribution of leaflets and stickers at mass-meeting in Rabin Square, Tel-Aviv: "What Have You Done Today to Topple the Government?"

5.7.97 - Joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration in Bet-Amin near Kalkilia against annexation of the area by Israel.

21.7.97 - Forum on "Two States or One Joint State".

28.7.97 - Demonstration at the Knesset against proposed law to prevent law-suits of Palestinian intifada victims for compensations.

11.8.97 - Gush initiative: 37 writers and leading journalists sign petition against government decision to jam Palestinian broadcasts.

11.8.97 - Joint "solidarity visit" to families in Silwan and Issawieh, East Jerusalem, whose houses were demolished by the municipality.

1.9.97 - Award ceremony of Aachen Peace Prize to "Gush Shalom with Uri Avnery" in Aachen, Germany.

13.9.97 - Participation in mass demonstration of all peace movements in Tel-Aviv: "Save Peace!"

15,16.9.97 - Gush Delegation at Ras-al-Amud protest camp, against new settlement there.

17.9.97 - Participation in Palestinian-Israeli mass protest at Ras-al-Amud.

17-19.9.97 - Protest Tent of the Gush at Ras-al-Amud.

28.9.97 - Gush Shalom opens campaign: "National Boycott of Settlements Products".

8.11.97 - Gush desks at giant Rabin Remembrance Rally in Tel-Aviv distribute settlement products lists and gather signatures.

13.11.97 - Gush delegation meets with Jassir Arafat in Gaza.

21.11.97 - Condolences and investigation visit to the family of 7-year old Ali Juarish killed in Aida refugee camp near Rachel's tomb.

26.12.97 - Sixty-eight prominent Israeli personalities publish statement supporting the "National Boycott of Settlement products", causing widespread public debate in the media as well as an official negative reaction by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

20.1.98 – Gush research team publishes “Violations of the Oslo Agreements by the Netanyahu Government”.

21.2.98 – Gush activists, together with Palestinian inhabitants of Salfit village, plant olive trees to protest land grab by Ariel settlement. Later, Gush activists demonstrate together with Palestinian inhabitants of Kadum village against land grab by Kedumim settlement.

13.3.98 – Condolence visit by Gush delegation in Dura, following killing of three Palestinian workers at Tarqumia road-block.

25.3.98 – During Kofi Annan lecture in Jerusalem, demonstration against demolition of Palestinian homes.

14.4.98 – Participation in “Peace Fair” in Tel-Aviv.

23.4.98 – “Israel’s Resurrection versus Palestinian Nakbah” – public debate with Islamic leader Sheikh Abdalla Nimr Darwish, Ilan Pappe and Yitzhak Livni.

29.4.98 – Independence Day’s eve: Uri Avnery lights Peace Torch in “Yesh Gvul” ceremony.

30.4.98 - Independence Day: Participation in joint demonstration of peace forces at “Har Homa” against laying of founding stone by settlers.

18.5.98 – “Thank you, Hillary” – Vigil opposite US Embassy in Tel-Aviv, in support of Ms. Clinton’s statement in favor of a Palestinian state and US pressure for peace.

27.5.98 – Meeting with the Economic Committee of the Knesset about the boycott of the products of the settlements.

29.5.98 – Participation in “Peace Fair” in Tiv’on.

14.6.98 – Demonstration against Netanyahu at Likud central office, Tel-Aviv.

23.6.98 – Condolence visit to family of man murdered by settlers in Hirbet-Kilkas , visit to house demolition site in Yata, handing over money contributions to families of three workers killed by soldiers at Tarkumie Check-post.

29.6.98 – Participation in torch parade of peace movements in Jerusalem against Ateret Cohanim settlers.

7.7.98 – Meeting with Yassir Arafat about Gush Shalom Green Line and boycott actions.

9.7.98 – Participation in demonstration at Beth-El military HQ against demolition of Palestinian homes.

18.7.98 – Launching Gush Action “Marking the Green Line” on Shomron settlers’ road.

19.7.98 – Participation in meeting with Arafat organized by the Peace Movements’ Coordinating Committee.

1.8.98 – Rebuilding the home of Shawamreh family destroyed by the army in Anata.

17.8.98 – Participation in Palestinian students’ demonstration at al-Ram checkpoint, against occupation orders preventing Students to go from Gaza to West Bank universities.

26.9.98 – Visit of Gush group in Katana village near Ramallah to protect preparations for rebuilding of house demolished by the army.

28.9.98 – Gush delegation in Um-al-Faham (Arab town in Israel) during violent protest riots against land expropriation, tear-gassed by Border Police.

10.10.98 – Rebuilding the home of Lakieh family destroyed by the army in Kataneh.

26.10.98 – Gush activists pick olives together with Arab villagers in Moawiah (Israel), on land expropriated by army.

24.11.98 – “The Danger of the Black Revolution”, large public debate about the book “The Donkey of the Messiah” by Seffi Rachlewsky, revealing the ideology of the settlers.

26.11.98 – Gush delegation taking part in Palestinian demonstration against land expropriation near Burukin and A-Dik villages, severely tear-gassed by army.

6.12.98 – Participation in demonstration by woman’s organizations in Jerusalem against the war in Lebanon, erection of memorial with number of casualties and laying flowers.

8.12.98 – Gush demonstration at Defense Ministry for release of Palestinian prisoners, under the slogan “We Israelis Also Have Blood On Our Hands”.

25.12.98 – Gush participation in joint Palestinian-Israeli Christmas torch parade in Beith-Sahur: “Palestinian State – a Right and Not a Gift”.

2.1.99 – Army prevents Gush activists from entering Kifl Kharis (West Bank) in order to build demolished house. Some do succeed to reach site, build symbolic wall.

2.2.99 – Gush publishes manifesto drafted by the Gush signed by 440 prominent Israelis, writers, artists, poets and university professors, supporting “the Right of the Palestinian nation to declare the establishment of the State of Palestine in all the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, with united Jerusalem serving as capital of both states”. First list Ha’aretz 2.2 and Jerusalem Post 5.2, second list Ha’aretz 9.2, third Ha’aretz 19.2.

18.2.99 – Spontaneous demonstration opposite Turkish embassy in Tel-Aviv against kidnapping of Kurdish leader and Israeli-Turkish alliance aiding oppression of Kurds.

27.2.99 – Fact-finding tour of settlement aggression around Bethlehem, guided by Salah Ta’amri, scuffle with soldiers at “Yossi’s Farm” settlement.

13.3.99 - Rebuilding demolished house in Kifl Kharis (West Bank) village.

20.3.99 – Participation in Palestinian demonstration against ongoing “enlargement” of Avnei Hefetz settlement, afterwards meeting with Palestinian governor in Tulkarem.

3.4.99 – In face Netanyahu’s threats to close the Jerusalem Orient House, 120 Gush activists and signatories of the “We Support” manifesto, including prominent Israeli writers an artists, march there and are received by Faisal Husseini and Hanan Ashrawi.

27.4.99 – Gush demonstration at the Orient House, together with Palestinian activists led by Faisal Husseini, to protest against Netanyahu’s decision to close offices there.

4.5.99 – End of Oslo “interim period”, full-page Gush ad in Ha’aretz: “We support” manifesto with 500 signatures of prominent Israelis. Wide echo in Palestinian media.

30.5.99 – Ramallah: Gush delegation participates in Conference of Popular Palestinian Forces against settlements, afterwards private meeting with Arafat.

3.6.99 – Nablus: Gush takes part in Palestinian demonstration against Bracha settlement, on the occasion of Palestinian “Day of Rage”. Non-violent confrontation with army.

12.6.99 – Kalkilia: Gush takes part in joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration against Oranit settlement, on the land of Beith Amin. Non-violent confrontation with army.

10.7.99 - Dedication ceremony of the Shawamreh home in Anata, built by Gush volunteers (see above) and others in conjunction with Committee against House Demolitions.

14.7.99 - Gush members demonstrate in opposite King David hotel, Jerusalem, during state visit of Turkish president, "Freedom for Kurdistan, Freedom for Ocalan".

30.7.99 - Full-page ad in Ha'aretz: Open letter to Ehud Barak about conditions for peace: Green line, Jerusalem capital of two states, withdrawal from all settlements. Same in English (Jerusalem Post and English edition of Ha'aretz, both on 6.8.99).

13.8.99 - Big ad proposing detailed Gush Shalom plan for the implementation of the Right of Return published in both the Hebrew and the English edition of Ha'aretz.

29-30.8.99 - Gush delegation takes part in Gaza conference for the release of all Palestinian prisoners in Israel and stresses that "we, too, have blood on our hands".

11.9.99 - Gush delegation takes part in Orient House conference, to protest the refusal of the government to release Palestinian prisoners from East Jerusalem.

25.9.99 - Gush delegation invited to inspect progress in Jericho, discusses with the mayor plans to hold big Israeli-Palestinian conference at the new site near Kuruntul monastery.

10.10.99 - Joint demonstration with Peace Now opposite Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem against new settlements. Gush slogan: "Settlement Blocs - Tears for Generations to Come".

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22.10.99 - Start of Gush campaign "There is No Legal Settlement. Period". First ads in newspapers. ` 4.11.99 - Gush leaflets at Rabin anniversary mass demonstration: "Barak is not the successor of Rabin".

6.11.99 - Gush inspection tour of settlements and by-pass roads.

9.12.99 - Demonstration in front of the Defense Ministry in Tel-Aviv against eviction of 300 Palestinians from cave-homes south of Hebron.

11.12.99 - Gush volunteers assist in building the roof of a house in Katana village that was demolished by the army.

28.12.99 - Army prevents Gush activists from paying solidarity visit to the house of the Sultan family that is terrorized by Kiryat Arba settlers. Activists demonstrate on the road.

30.12.99 - Gush activists join Palestinians demonstrators in front of the Sultan house near Kiryat Arba, break through army barriers, reach house. One wounded, two arrested.

21.1.00 - Gush activists, together with B'Tselem, visit 300 cave-dwellers evicted by the army from their homes in Hebron area. Army prevents joint planting of olive trees.

11.2.00 - Heavy attack on humorous item on Gush web site, showing settlements. Gush accused of incitement to violence. Gush members on several TV and radio talk-shows.

23.2.00 - After Foreign Minister David Levy called in the Knesset to attack Lebanon civilians ("Blood for blod, child for child") Gush web site shows "Levy shooting gallery".

27.2.00 - Gush delegation invited by Palestinian organizations to inspect site of land confiscation and preparations for new settlement near Alfei Menashe. Action planned.

11.3.00 - Joint Demonstration with Palestinians against land confiscation and plan to set up new settlement near Alfei Menashe settlement. Afterwards, Gush demonstrators visit Ehud Barak's private home at Kokhav Ya'ir (on the Israeli side of the Green Line) and hand him a protest letter.

18.3.00 - Group of Gush activists on an inspection tour in Hebron as guests of TIPH (Temporary International Presence in Hebron), are threatened by violent settlers.

9.4.00 - Gush delegation invited by the Hebron area cave people for a "victory party" after the court ordered their return to their homes.

12.4.00 - Gush activists join Peace Now members in confrontation with settlers, in order to prevent them from taking possession of Palestinian land at Har Gilo, near Beth Jallah.

26.4.00 - At the opening session of the UN conference on Palestinian refugees in Paris, Gush representative explains the Gush plan for the solution of the problem.

6.5.00 - Gush activists inspects the site of the planned Bet-El-Ofrah by-pass road, consults with Palestinian activists about large-scale protest campaign against the plan.

26.5.00 - Uri Avnery invited by SCUPAD, international association of high-level town-planners, to make opening speech at Salzburg congress, explains Gush plan for "Jerusalem - Capital of Two States", finds enthusiastic support for Gush manifesto.

28.6.00 - Gush activists, together with B'tselem group, demonstrate against inhuman water shortage in Yata, south of Hebron, bringing water containers to the inhabitants.

11.7.00 - Gush takes part in joint demonstration of peace movements near Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem to support Barak-Arafat peace negotiations at Camp David.

12.7.00 - Gush Shalom joins general "Peace Headquarters" to support a Barak-Aarafat agreement if it comes into being and fight against settlers' anti-peace propaganda.

15.7.00 - Gush demonstrators in Abu-Dis welcomed by Palestinian governor of Jerusalem, declare "Jerusalem - Capital of The Two States", demonstrate against Moscowitz

18.7.00 - Gush members in Peace Tent (set up in Rabin Square by bereaved families) take part in meetings with Palestinian bereaved families, ex-prisoners and dialogue groups.

21,23,24.7.00 - Big ad campaign in all major Israeli papers "Jerusalem must be the capital of the two states - West Jerusalem the capital of the State of Israel and East Jerusalem the capital of the State of Palestine", recalling Gush manifesto of June 1995 (above). settlement site. Extensive coverage in Israeli, Palestinian and international media.

18.8.00 – Gush, together with several other peace organizations, initiates campaign against “Beth-El – Ofrah bypass road designed to create another “settlement bloc” to be annexed by Israel, confiscating land and cutting Palestinian villages off from their fields.

4.9.00 - After the failure of the Camp David summit meeting, at the height of the debate on sovereignty over the "Temple Mount", Gush demonstrates on the border between West and East Jerusalem: "The Mount to Muhammad, the Wall to Moses". Feisal Husseini joins demonstration.

1 - 8.9.00 - Gush ad campaign: "Remnants buried under the earth are NOT holy, Life on earth is holy."

30.9.00 - After the outbreak of the bloody "al-Aksa intifada" following the provocative "visit" of Ariel Sharon to the Muslim holy places, Gush and other peace activists demonstrate near the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem against the killing of Palestinians: "Stop Shooting at Demonstrators", "Barak + Sharon = Disaster", "Hands Off the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount").

1.10.00 - Gush and other peace activists demonstrate against the war at Disengoff Center in the center of Tel-Aviv.

2.10.00 - Gush and other peace activists demonstrate against the war opposite the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv.

3.10.00 - Big Gush ads in Ha'aretz and Jerusalem Post: "Get Out Of All The Occupied Territories".

4.10.00 - Gush activists invited by the civic leaders of the Arab community in Jaffa to a protest demonstration against police brutality. The meeting is blown up by provocateurs, police intervenes and starts shooting.

9.10.00 - At he end of Yom Kippur, following the pogroms against Arab citizens throughout Israel and the intensification of the war in the occupied territories, Gush and other peace activists demonstrate at the Rabin memorial in Tel-Aviv.

14.10.00 – Joint anti-war demonstration in front of the Tel-Aviv museum, Gush activists march on the ministry of defense, demonstrate opposite the army high command.

27.10.00 – Big ad campaign: “Barak is turning us into hostages of the settlers, This war is being waged for them. There is a solution: To get out of the occupied territories.”

29.10.00 – Gush starts sticker campaign: “Bring the soldiers back from the (occupied) territories!"

4.11.00 – Gush activists distribute leaflets and stickers at giant Rabin memorial meeting in Tel-Aviv: “Bring the soldiers back from the territories”, “Yes to the Green Line”, “The settlers are not my brothers”, “Barak is not Rabin’s heir”. Booed during Barak’s speech.

17.11.00 – Hares, a Palestinian village surrounded by settlements, cut off by the army, asked the Gush to come and help in the harvesting of the olives, since the villagers cannot enter their orchards without risking their lives. Gush activists confronted the army, forced entry and helped in the harvest.

25.11.00 – At the invitation of Faisal al-Husseini, a delegation of 85 Gush activists paid a visit to Orient House, center of Palestinian action in East Jerusalem. After speeches by Palestinian ministers and MPs and Gush activists and a general debate, a joint resolution was adopted, setting out the terms for a just peace. The visit was widely reported on TV.

19.12.00 – Gush ad campaign against the Barak policy of “liquidating” Palestinian activists by death squads, helicopter attacks and assassination by collaborators.

28.12.00 – Joint X-mas march with Beth-Sahur community leaders on Sdemot army camp from which houses had been shelled. Part of the camp occupied, Palestinian flag hoisted.

29.12.00 – Gush takes part in big march of women’s peace organizations from center of West Jerusalem to the Old City wall, ‘Jerusalem – Capital Of The Two States”.

9.1.01 – Gush activists join other peace groups in demonstration in front of Supreme Court in Jerusalem, after lawyer Na’ila Atiah, on behalf of the family of assassinated Fatah leader and peace activist Dr. Thabet, submitted petition against the “liquidation” policy.

15.1.01 – Gush delegation meets with Faisal al-Husseini at the Orient House in Jerusalem to deliberate possibilities of a new joint Israeli-Palestinian peace campaign.

28.1.01 – Gush organizes big pre-election big public debate at the Eretz-Israel Museum Hall in Tel-Aviv on the question: “Blank Ballot – Yes or No?”

7.2.01 – The day after Ariel Sharon’s big election victory, Gush ad: “The Fight Goes On – National Unity Government Will Be A Disaster.”

4.2.01 – Gush activists join women’s demonstration in front of Ministry of Defense against the blockade (“closure’) of Palestinian towns and villages, block main street.

9.2.01 – Three days after the elections (6.2) which bring Sharon to power, Gush publishes big ad: “The Struggle for Peace Starts Again, A Unity Government Will Bring War”.

7.3.01 – On the day the Unity Government is sworn in, Gush publishes big ad in several papers: “Today Starts The Countdown To Disaster”.

13.3.01 – Gush, together with Women’s Coalition and others demonstrates in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and the Northern Valleys against closure, “Closure is War Crime”.

13.3.01 – Gush published big ad in several papers: “We call for the immediate creation of an international peace-keeping force for the protection of the population in the occupied Palestinian territories from the Sharon-Peres-Mofaz government.”

23.3.01 – Direct action of Gush and other groups in blockaded Rantis village on the West Bank: 200 activists fill trenches dug by the army to cut village off. After soldiers confiscate digging implements, activists fill the trenches with their bare hands.

4.4.01 – Demonstration in front of the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv against the outrages committed by the settlers in Hebron.

6.4.01 – Gush delegation received by President Yasser Arafat in Ramallah, discusses ways to strengthen the ties between the peace movement and the Palestinian organizations.

13.4.01 – Gush publishes as a full-page ad in Haaretz “80 Theses for a new peace camp”. English extract published in The Guardian (May 4) and German extract in Frankfurter Rundschau (May 5), also Dutch version as a booklet in Holland.

14.4.01 – Joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration at Bethlehem road-block. Approaching the road-block from the two sides, both columns break through the army and police lines and meet in the middle. Palestinians led by “Raproachment” organization from Bet-Sahour, Israelis by Gush Shalom and Women’s Coalition.

18.4.01 – Gush Shalom and other activists join Palestinians in demonstration to break blockade at Karawat Beni Hassan, 15 Israelis and Palestinians arrested, several wounded.

16.5.02 – Joint torch demonstration of Ta’ayosh, Gush Shalom and Women’s organizations in Tel-Aviv, opposite Ministry of Defense, against aerial bombardment of Gaza.

21.5.01 – Joint press conference of Hannan Ashrawi, Uri Avnery, Lea Tsemel, Khader Shqeirat and Jeff Halper in American Colony, Jerusalem, issues joint statement.

1.6.01 – Gush delegation takes part in the mass funeral of Feisal al-Husseini, friend and comrade-in-arms of the Gush in scores of demonstrations for peace, who died day before.

8.6.01 – Gush activists join Jerusalem vigil called by Women in Black. Gush slogans ”Siege and Blockade are War Crimes!” “End the Occupation Now!” Following:

8.6.01 - Gush activists go to al-Khadar village to protest against new settlers’ outpost on its land, climb to the top Palm’s Hill together with the villagers, stopped by the army.

15.6.01 – “Barak’s Generous Proposals” – The gush starts campaign to expose this lie, prints a concise report with maps for mass distribution, including politicians, journalists and diplomats.

29.6.01 – Gush activists and others try to reach al-Khadar for joint solidarity meeting with inhabitants, stopped by army, sit down and close Jerusalem-Hebron road, six arrested.

17.7.01 – Gush delegation takes part in Faisal Husseini memorial meeting at the Orient House, banned by Minister of Interior Security. Uri Avnery only Israeli invited to speak.

22.7.01 – Gush activist and others reach the besieged villages of Hares, Kifl-Hares, and Dir-Istia, remove obstacles placed by the army to prevent movement between them.

29.7.01 – Broadcast against war crimes – the Gush warns the Voice of Israel (radio) that it will ask for a Supreme Court injunction, unless it rescinds its refusal to broadcast as a paid advertisement a call for soldiers to refuse following criminal orders.

10.8.01 – Gush Shalom publishes as a whole-page ad a Draft Peace Agreement between Israel and the Palestinian people, including solution for all outstanding issues.

14.8.01 – Following call by Gush Shalom, a joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration takes place near the Orient House, which was “conquered” and closed down by Israeli forces.

20.8.01 – Closed meeting of Gush activists and invited guests with Palestinian experts who had acted as advisors to the Palestinian delegation at the Camp David conference.

29.8.01 – Gush is the only voice in Israel speaking out against the assassinations, publishes ad: “Against the execution of the leaders of the Palestinian people! The intellectuals must put an end to their silence”.

3.9.01 - Gush activists take part in Jewish-Arab demonstration in front of the Supreme Court, during testimony of Alik Ron, ex-commander of the Northern District Police, about the killing of 13 Arab citizens during demonstration in October 2000.

11.9.01 – Gush Shalom applies to the Supreme Court against the Israel Broadcasting Authority, after a paid Gush broadcast against war crimes was rejected. (On 24.9, the Supreme Court orders the Broadcasting Authority to reply within 21 days.)

20.9.01 – Gush delegation meets with high-ranking officials and members of parliament in The Hague to discuss idea of an international peace force for Palestine.

29.9.01 – Gush, together with Ta’ayush and other peace groups, demonstrates against the expulsion of cave dwellers south of Hebron, “No to Ethnic Cleansing”.

4.10.01 – Swedish jury announced the awarding of the “Alternative Nobel Prize” for 2001 to “Gush Shalom and Uri and Rachel Avnery…honoring all Gush Shalom activists”.

25.10.01 – Under the auspices of 4 Congressmen, Gush delegation holds press conference on Capitol Hill, after 5-cities tour, meeting press, politicians and peace organizations.

3.11.01 – At Rabin memorial mass meeting in Tel-Aviv, Gush activists distribute leaflets denouncing the silence while war crimes are being committed in the occupied territories.

8.11.01 – Public meeting with advisors of PLO negotiating team. First advertised, open public meeting with PLO officials in Tel-Aviv. No incidents.

9.11.01 – Full-page Gush ad in Haaretz shows 10 Commandments tablets with new text: Thou shall not liquidate, Thou shall not torture, Thou shall not demolish homes, etc.

25.11.01 – After the killing of 5 children in the Gaza Strip by an army explosive charge, Gush publishes ad: “In mourning, anger and shame…”

26.11.01 – Following Gush call for demonstration demanding independent investigation into the killing of the children, other groups join protest vigil opposite Defense Ministry.

3.12.01 – Gush press conference in British parliament, Westminster, with Vanessa and Corin Redgrave, Harold Pinter, Palestinian ambassador Afif Safieh and MPs.

7.12.01 – Award ceremony of Right Livelihood Award (“Alternative Nobel Prize”) to Gush Shalom, Uri and Rachel Avnery in Swedish parliament, meeting with acting PM..

10-12.12.01 – Gush delegation in Brussels and Strasbourg meets with Belgian ministers, members of European Parliament and Commission.

11.12.01 – Gush demonstration in front of US Embassy in Tel-Aviv, protesting killing of Palestinian children in Hebron and ongoing assassinations in the occupied territories.

8,15.12.01 – Gush activists participate in Peace Coalition demonstrations ar Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem, “There Is No Military Solution”.

23.12.01 – Gush appeals to the Supreme Court against decision by Defense Minister forbidding 50 Gush activists to go to Ramallah for meeting with Yasser Arafat.

28.12.01 – Gush representative lights torch at Women’s Coalition for Peace demonstration in Jerusalem.

30.12.01 - Gush activists meet in Jaffa to “celebrate” Alternative Nobel Prize award and discuss preparations for intensified action in view of worsening situation.

31.12.01 – Joint march in Old City of Jerusalem against occupation, for “Open Jerusalem” by Christian patriarchs, Muslim leaders, Gush Shalom and international delegations.

9.1.02 – Supreme Court proposes compromise on Gush suit against Broadcasting Authority regarding refusal to broadcast Gush ads against war crimes.

9.1.02 – Big public forum organized by Gush Shalom in Tel-Aviv against war crimes attracts wide attention; air-force Colonel Yig’al Shohat calls for refusal to follow orders, professors call for systematic collection of evidence about war crimes committed by occupation forces.

22.1.02 – Gush delegation, accompanied by senior journalists, visits Yasser Arafat in his besieged compound in Ramallah, expresses solidarity. Wide reactions in the media.

25.1.02 – Protest vigil of Gush activists opposite Shimon Peres’ home in Tel-Aviv, “Peres, You Are Partner To War Crimes” and “Resign NOW!”

1.2.02, 8.2.02, 15.2.02 – Continued demonstrations at Peres residence.

9.2.02 – First big joint demonstration of all militant peace groups to form Anti-War Movement, at Museum Square, Tel-Aviv, attended by 10,000 people, including many Arab citizens. Keynote speech by Uri Avnery.

9.3.02 – Together with inhabitants of Taibeh village, protest demonstration at Tulkarem checkpoint against the siege and re-occupation of that town.

13.2.02 – Gush warns senior IDF officer that his actions may be war crimes and lead to his indictment in an Israeli or the new International Criminal Court at The Hague. During February and March, Gush sends such warnings to 15 senior officers.

30.3.02 – Gush and others demonstrate in front of Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv against siege and re-occupation of Ramallah, temporarily block entrance to ministry.

3.4.02 – Gush takes part in mass demonstration at a-Ram checkpoint near Ramallah, tear-gassed by police and army, four trucks with supplies for Ramallah let through.

12.4.02- During Powell visit, Gush takes part in demo by joint “Anti-War Movement” in front of the US Embassy in Tel-Aviv, “Powell, Stop Sharon” and “Withdrawal Now”. Big Gush ads in English: “Mr. Powell, Stop The Carnage!”

13.4.02 – Gush activists take part in march by 3000 Jewish and Arab Israelis from Megido to checkpoint, to bring supplies to besieged Jenin. Stopped by army, supplies let through.

21-22.4.02 – Gush activists illegally enter besieged Ramallah, night at the hospital, demonstrate in the streets near blockaded Arafat headquarters, attend press conference.

27.4.02 – Union of radical peace movements (“Coalition against Occupation”) organizes march from cinematheque to museum and mass demonstration in Tel-Aviv, 8000 attend.

8-9.5.02 – In anticipation of imminent attack, Gush activists “illegally” enter besieged Ramallah, meet Arafat, spend night as “human shield” in Mukata’ah (Arafat’s HQ),

7.6.02 – Full-page Gush ads, entitled “Operations Order”, exposes Sharon’s plan to destroy the infrastructure of peace by liquidating the Palestinian Authority.

7.6.02 – Gush demonstration (“Arafat is the Partner!”) at Rabin’s memorial in Tel-Aviv, artists paints on the spot portrait of historic Rabin-Arafat handshake.

15.6.02 – Invited by mayor, Gush activists try to enter besieged Bethlehem for reception in Church of Nativity, blocked by army and police, three different attempts aborted.

28.6.02 – On the eve of Denmark’s assumption of EU Presidency, Gush delegation meets with Danish Foreign Ministry chief to discuss situation after Bush speech (24.6).

5.7.02 – Large Gush ad, entitled “A New Beginning”, demands withdrawal of the Israeli forces from Palestinian territory, in order to make possible free Palestinian elections.

13.7.02 – Invited by mayor, Gush activists “illegally” enter a-Ram, demonstrate against action of occupation authorities preventing by force garbage removal.

24.7.02- Following killing of 17 Palestinians in Gaza by one-ton bomb on 23.7, Gush organizes demo in front of the Ministry of Defense. Sole demo against the outrage.

4.8.02 – Haaretz publishes front-page sensation: “Gush Shalom threatened IDF officers in the Territories: We Collect Material About You for The Hague Court” (see entry 13.2). Sharon demands that the Attorney General indict Gush activists for treason. Continuous l incitement campaign against the Gush in all media. (6.8) Anti-Gush editorial in Haaretz. (21.8) Gush submits official complaint against Air Force chief and pilot for Gaza bombing. (23.8) Air Force chief attacks Gush and demands to indict it. (4.9) Gush submits official complaint against the Chief-of-Staff for insubordination. (7.9) In his official address to the nation on Jewish New Year Prime Minister Sharon calls Gush Shalom activists traitors and spies, who want to hand over IDF officers “to the enemies of Israel”. (11.9) Attorney General announces that he will not indict Gush for the time being, threatens to take action if Gush continues to “intimidate” IDF officers. (122.9) Army Chief Advocate informs Gush that he will not prosecute air-force chief. (13.9) Dozens of US Jewish peace-groups and hundreds of personalities publish full-page ad in Haaretz in support of Gush actions against war crimes.

22.8.02 – Gush joins demonstration of high-school seniors who refuse army service in the occupied territories, “Freedom for Conscientious Objectors”, opposite Defense Ministry.

23.8.02 – Big Gush ad in Haaretz against Israel Government support for war against Iraq, “They Play With Our Lives”, sole political voice in Israel against the war.

22.9.02 – “Killing Arafat = Killing Peace!” Gush demonstration at Defense Ministry in Tel-Aviv. Gush is only voice against new blockade on Arafat’s Ramallah compound.

27.9.02 – Joint demo of Gush and Supreme Coordination Committee of Arab Organizations in Israel at Kalandia Checkpoint, against Ramallah blockade: “Arafat is the Partner.

19.10.02 – Gush activists join olive harvesting in Nablus area villages (Havarah and others), after settlers try to prevent harvest. Settlers shoot at olive pickers.

26.10.02 – Kalkilya: Gush activists, joined by internationals, demonstrate against “Wall of Hatred – Prison for Palestinians, Ghetto for Israelis”. Opposite, parallel Palestinian demo.

2.11.02 – At annual Rabin memorial mass meeting, Gush distributes stickers showing Rabin shaking hands with Arafat, “Let’s continue Rabin’s way!”

16.11.02 – Answering urgent call of Salem village, near Nablus, Gush activists help villagers pick olives in a grove threatened by violent settlers, facing army obstruction.

5.12.02 – Gush requests Attorney General to warn Prime Minister and Commanding General that planned destruction of Hebron neighborhood will constitute war crime.

30.12.02 – Big Gush ad declares that Security Service intervention in the election process, asking to disqualify Arab candidate, amounts to a putsch against democracy.

7.1.03 – “Ethnic Cleansing in the Knesset” - Gush takes part in demonstration at the Supreme Court to protest against Election Committee decision the disqualify Arab MKs.

20.1.03 – “For Whom to Vote?” – Gush initiates public hearing of representatives from Labor, Meretz, Hadash and Balad, to help peace activists to choose between them.

3.2.03 – Gush delegation meets with Director General of French foreign office, discussion of situation after Israeli elections and before expected war in Iraq.

15.2.03 – World-wide demonstrations against war in Iraq - Gush and several other organizations organize peace march and mass meeting in Tel-Aviv: “No to War”.

1.3.03 – Gush delegation meets in Ramallah with Palestinian Emergency Committee to discuss the situation in the Palestinian territories in case of an US attack on Iraq – assistance to besieged towns and villages, prevention of “transfer” and other war crimes. Second meeting Ramallah 8.3.03.

11.3.03 – “Warning” - Big Gush ad in Haaretz calling upon soldiers and civilians to inform about any preparations for transfer of Palestinians in case of American attack on Iraq. English version published in Jerusalem Post 14.3.03.

14.3.03 – Following the initiative of Gush Shalom, 19 Israeli peace and human rights organizations meet in Ramallah with Palestinian Emergency Committee to discuss joint actions during approaching American war on Iraq.

16.3.03 – Following the killing by bulldozer of American solidarity activist Rachel Corey in Rafah, the Gush participates in spontaneous protest demo opposite Ministry of Defense.

18.3.03 – On the eve of the American attack on Iraq, Gush takes part in Israeli-Palestinian press conference in Jerusalem, to warn against possible actions against Palestinians.

29.3.03 – “Israelis & Palestinians: Together against the Occupation” - Gush activists deliver 15 tons of flour to two villages in the Nablus area as emergency stock.

11.4.03 – Gush takes part in Tel-Aviv demonstration against army decision to put on trial people who refuse to join the army or to serve in the occupied territories.

3.5.03 – “Coalition Against the Apartheid Wall” – joint demonstration at Mas’ha village together with villagers and internationals, going up to the protest tents at site of the wall.

4.5.03 – Demonstrative meeting of Gush delegation with Yasser Arafat at the Mukata’ah.

10.5.03 – Gush activists deliver 30,000 NIS worth of food to Tulkarm refugee camp under curfew while military action is going on, meets camp leaders at Bakaa al-Sharkia.

11.5.03 – Gush calls demonstration opposite Defense Ministry against expulsion of International Solidarity movement activists. Several other organizations join.

20.6.03 – Delegation, including Gush activists, visits Yasser Arafat at the Mukata’ah to inform him about the formation of the Joint Israeli-Palestinian Action Group.

28.6.03 – Dozens of Gush activists take part in the Founding Conference of the Joint Israeli-Palestinian Action Group in Ramallah, many of them after evading checkpoints.

14.7.03 – Gush activists demonstrate in the Tel-Aviv courtroom against the trial of Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, call for his immediate release, are violently evicted by police.

31.7.03 – “First of all: The Wall must fall!” – Joint demonstration of Gush Shalom and Palestinian organizations in Kalkilya on both sides of the Wall, separated by the army. 17.8.03 – Gush delegation visits Arafat to express sorrow upon the death of his sister, is invited to take part in a mass mourning meal in the Mikata’a.

3.9.03 – “Assassination Cause Suicide Bombings, Suicide Bombings Cause Assassinations” – Gush demo opposite the Ministry of Defense after the attempt on the life of Sheikh Yassin.

11.9.03 – ‘Killing Arafat = Killing Peace”, joint Gush and Ta’ayush demo opposite the Ministry of Defense while the Cabinet was holding inside a meeting discussing action against Arafat.

13.9.03 – Gush activists play leading role in Israeli delegation to Yasser Arafat, protesting the government’s decision to “remove” him; Arafat displays Gush pin (crossed Israeli and Palestinian flags) on his lapel; thousands of Palestinians roar with enthusiasm when Arafat and Gush members appear at the window. Gush activists promise Arafat “human shield” when needed. Big reaction in Israeli and foreign media.

14.9.03 – Police announce criminal investigation against Uri Avnery and other members of the delegation to Arafat for entering Palestinian territories without army permit.

29.9.03 – Gush demonstration opposite Ministry of Defense in support of 27 combat pilots who announced that they will not follow illegal and immoral orders to bomb civilians.

4-7.10.03 – Gush activists form “human shield” at the Mukata’ah to prevent attempt to assassinate Yasser Arafat, stay in the compound for three days and nights, meet Arafat and Abu Ala several times, are present at swearing-in ceremony of Abau Ala.

16.10.03 – Gush representative received by German president Johannes Rau in Berlin.

17.10.03 – Gush representative received by German foreign minister Joshka Fischer.

21.10.03 – Gush Shalom representative takes part in delegation of “Joint Israeli-Palestinian ActionGroup for Peace” received by President Mosh Katzav at his residence.

25.10.03 – 360 activists of Gush Shalom and other organizations pick olives at Hirbet Jabara, Palestinian village imprisoned between the Green Line and the Separation Fence.

8.11.03 – Gush activists together with Coalition Against the Wall, demonstrate in Sawahra, East Jerusalem, against the wall that cuts them off, paint graffiti on slabs of the wall.

8.11.03 – In the evening, Gush and Coalition Against the Wall demonstrate in Tel-Aviv’s Cinematheque Square, show films about the campaign against the “monster”.

13.12.03 – Together with the inhabitants of A-Ram and other peace groups, Gush activists demonstrate against planned Separation Wall, build mock wall and destroy it symbolically.

27.12.03 - On the invitation of Palestinian governor of Kalkilia, Gush tries to join demonstration against the Wall, are stopped at the checkpoint, demonstrate with villagers.

27.12.03 – Later same day, Gush joins spontaneous demo against the shooting of a peace activist at Mas’ha, block for two hours road in front of Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv.

27.1.04 –Gush delegation invited to conference of Turkish anti-war movement in snow-bound Istanbul, calls for creation of world-wide alliance of peace movements.

7.2.04 – “The Wall Must Fall” - as part of the “Coalition Against the Fence”, the Gush participates in big Israeli-Palestinian demo on Palestinian side of the wall in Abu Dis.

11.2.04 - Within hours after 15 Palestinians are killed by IDF in Gaza action, the Gush calls for urgent protest vigil opposite Ministry of Defense, dozens of activists take part.

23.2.04 – On the opening day of the International Court of Justice’s proceedings concerning the Separation Wall, the Gush publishes large ad in Hebrew and English, saluting the court and expressing it’s uncompromising opposition to the Wall.

23.2.04 – The same day, the Israeli Coalition Against the Wall, of which the Gush is a founding member, publishes petition against the wall with almost 1000 signatures.

23.2.04 – The same day, 700 activists of the Gush and other organizations belonging to the Coalition demonstrate at the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem against the wall and in favor of the International Court. During the event, a symbolic wall is demolished.

3.3.04 – “Fence or Wall?” Opening of photo exhibition at Tel-Aviv cinematheque, sponsored by Gush Shalom.

21.3.04 – After 45 demonstrators are hurt, including an Israeli protester shot in the eye by rubber-coated bullet, Gush and other organizations demonstrate at Ministry of Defense.

22.3.04 – On the day Sheikh Ahmed Yassin is assassinated, Gush joins Peace Now and others in demonstration against the killing, opposite the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv.

10.4.04 – Following Sharon’s renewed threats to kill Yasser Arafat, Gush delegation succeeds in reaching Arafat’s compound and meets with him. Discussion about Gaza.

15.5.04 – “Leave Gaza Now!” - Demonstration of 150 thousand in Rabin Square, Gush activists distribute leaflets calling for peace negotiations, “Arafat Is The Partner!”

19.5.04 - Hours after the killing of unarmed demonstrators in Rafah by tank shell, Gush Shalom calls for spontaneous protest opposite the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv. March in the streets, violent confrontations with police, Gush spokesman and 7 others arrested.

21.5.04 – Together with other radical peace movements, Gush activists demonstrate at Gaza Strip border against the brutal invasion of Rafah, break through army checkpoint.

31.5.04 – Big ad in Haaretz announces publication of “Truth Against Truth”, basic Gush Shalom analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

5.6.04 – Gush activists take part in joint demonstration against the wall in a-Ram, tour the path of the planned wall that cuts the densely populated urban area into pieces.

16.6.04 – Gush delegation takes part in joint a-Ram press conference against the wall, Uri Avnery calls on all Israeli patriots and world public opinion to prevent “this monstrosity”.

26.6.04 – Big joint non-violent demonstration at a-Ram violently attacked by border police, more than a hundred tear gas grenades, water cannon, rubber bullets during confrontation lasting three hours. Two Gush activists and several others arrested. Several people hurt.

8.7.04 – Gush delegation visits hunger strikers against the wall in protest tent in a-Ram.

7.8.04 – Gush delegation invited by Yasser Arafat, visits the Palestinian leader in the Mukata’ah in Ramalla for talks on the Disengagement Plan, Palestinian elections etc.

19.8.04 – Gush activists attend Supreme Court hearing on the a-Ram wall, in quite demonstration of solidarity with the inhabitants.

19.8.04 – Gush activists visit families of Palestinian prisoners striking at the Red Cross office in Jerusalem in solidarity with the mass hunger strike of the prisoners.

27.8.04 – Gush takes part in mass demonstration against the wall in Abu-Dis in honor of Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Prime Minister Abu Ala (Ahmad Kurei), Arun Gandhi, Uri Avnery and religious and civic leaders address public, symbolically strike wall with hammer. Several demonstrators scale the wall.

13.9.04 – After Supreme Court allowed starting building the wall in a-Ram, Gush takes part in pupils’ demonstration there against the wall that separates them from their schools.

19.9.04 – At press conference for the Russian-language media, Gush Shalom launches its first big campaign aimed at the Russian-speaking new immigrants, introducing the Russian version of the “Truth against Truth” booklet, 65 thousand copies which were distributed later in the week as inserts in two Russian-language newspapers.

5.10.04 – “Stop Killing, Start Talking!” – demonstration called by Gush Shalom against the ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip with its 75 Palestinians killed (by that time), the demolitions of whole neighborhoods and the uprooting of many hundreds of trees.

23.10.04 – Gush activists in big action help Palestinian villagers in Yassouf, Jemaeen and Kapeen to pick oranges, serving as human shields against dangerous settlers nearby.

12.11.04 – Large Gush delegation takes part in huge funeral of Yasser Arafat, who died a day before. Gush Shalom is the only Israeli organization that publicly mourns his death.

21.12.04 – Gush delegation takes part in the 40th Day of Mourning ceremony for Yasser Arafat at the Muhata’a. This is again the only Israeli delegation invited and present.

17.12.04 – Big ad in Haaretz promoting the booklet “Truth Against Truth” explains with the help of historical photos the clashing narratives of the two sides. Followed weekly by similar ads, each one devoted to one of the101 paragraphs of the brochure. Last of 12 ads published 11.3.05.

31.12.04 – Gush and other activists plant olive saplings and demonstrate on the western side of the Fence, where olive trees of Jayuss were uprooted to build new settlement.

27.1.05 – Arabic version of “Truth Against Truth” appears, 50 thousand copies distributed as inserts in the Israeli Arab magazines Kul-al-Arab, As-Senara and Panorama.

19.3.05 – Gush activists distribute stickers - “I Have No Brother Who is a Settler”, “Today Gush Katif, Tomorrow Beth-El and Ariel” – at peace parade under the slogan “Israel Leaves Gaza”. Stickers provoke heated arguments at the demo, in the press and on TV.

28.4.05 - Demonstration against the wall with Bil'in villagers savagely attacked by elite unit, 7 demonstrators injured, 4 arrested. Salt bullets used for the first time.

3.5.05 - Press conference with film clips on the events of the Bil'in demonstration.

5.5.05 - "Put the Officer on Trial!" Protest demonstration opposite Defense Ministry, after two boys were killed in demonstration against the Fence in Beit-Likiya village.

1.5.05 - Gush Shalom decides to finance actions against the Wall: transportation for Anarchists Against the Wall to weekly demonstrations, bail for arrested activists etc.

21.5.05 - Gush activists take part in Tel-Aviv Rabin Square memorial for destroyed Palestinian villages in Israel, organized by Zokhrot, place memorial cards on big map.

1.6.05 - Gush Shalom and others demonstrate in front of the Army General Staff building in Tel-Aviv against the appointment of General Dan Halutz as Chief-of-Staff.

17.6.-5 - Gush takes part in "Peace Movements' Festival" in Tel-Aviv Museum Square.

8.7.05 - Gush activists take part in joint demonstration with villagers of Bil'in against the Wall, army uses tear gas, rubber bullets. In near-by Bet-Likieh, young Palestinian killed.

8.7.05 - Gush starts its own campaign - parallel to other organizations - for hoisting blue ribbons on car antennas, to signify support for the removal of settlers from the Gaza Strip.

9.7.05 - "This Wall is Killing!" - Gush Shalom and others demonstrate in front of Ministry of Defense against the killing of Palestinian youngster the day before.

17.7.05 - Demonstration in front of the Tel-Aviv District Court against the continued persecution of Tali Fahima, whose trial began that day, for visiting Jenin during fighting.

8.8.05 - Gush delegation visits bereaved families in Shefaram, after the murder of four Arab citizens by a Jewish right-wing army deserter, who tried to stop Gaza withdrawal.

July 05 and on - Gush activists take part in weekly Friday demonstrations against the wall in Bil'in, together with Anarchists Against Fences and others. Some mentioned below.

22-23.8.05 - Gush activists take part in condolence visits to bereaved families in Sangil and Tulkarm, after Jewish settler murdered four Palestinians in Shiloh settlement.

25.8.05 - Gush Activists take part in joint demonstration against the wall in Imatin village, first demo after the dismantling of the settlements in the Gaza Strip. No violence.

26.8.05 - After completion of the evacuation of the settlers from the Gaza Strip, Gush Shalom publishes in Haaretz a detailed plan for new peace process, warns of new intifada.

9.9.05 - Big demonstration in Bil'in, after the protest a week before was violently attacked by the army. 200 activists of Gush Shalom and other movements reach village after strenuous march through rough terrain. Army uses tear gas and rubber bullets,

16.9.05 - Gush Shalom smuggles Dutch piano master Jacob Allegro into Bil'in, where he gives an open-air concert, followed by demonstration attacked by the army.

20.9.05 - Dutch piano master Jacob Allegro, guest of Gush Shalom, gives classical music concert in Ramallah Culture Palace for a mixed Palestinian-Israeli audience.

4.11.05 - Gush spokesman Adam Keller arrested during anti-fence demonstration in Bil'in.

11.11.05 - "I Have A Dream!" Gush activists and others, carrying posters of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela, Arafat and Rabin tear-gassed during Bil'in anti-fence demonstration.

12.11.05 - "Sharon Is Not The Heir Of Rabin!" - Gush activists distribute leaflets and stickers, set up stand, at big annual Rabin memorial meeting at Tel-Aviv's Rabin Square.

1.1.06 - On the last day of Hannuka, Gush lights "candles" at the "outpost" built by the villagers of Bil'in on their land that was cut off from the village by the Separation Fence.

20.1.06 - Gush activists take part in the demonstration at Bil'in, break through the army line and reach the "outpost" built ob the land that was cut off from the village.

18.2.06 - "They Uproot, We Plant!" - Gush activists plant olive saplings at Kafin village, in the area "imprisoned" between the Separation Fence and the Green Line, as protest against the Fence and against the uprooting of olive trees by the settlers in many places.

20-21.2.06 - Gush takes part in the "International Conference For Joint and Non-violent Struggle Against The Wall" in Bil'in, including planting of saplings and inauguration of improvised football field on the land that is cut off from the village by the Fence.

4.3.06 - Gush delegation invited to memorial service in Ar'ara (Arab village in Israel) for Nadim Gamal Milhem, killed by Israeli police for no reason, during a search of his home.

14.3.06 - Demonstration at the Ministry of Defense against the Israeli army attack on Jericho prison that day and the kidnapping of the Popular Front leader Ahmad Sa'adat.

20.3.06 - At public election meeting, National Front leader Baruch Marzel calls for the killing of Uri Avnery. Massive solidarity statements for Avnery by peace groups on Europe.

27.3.06 - On the eve of Israeli elections, Gush Shalom published ad calling on all peace-lovers to take part in the voting.

31.3.06 - Diplomats of 15 European nations accredited to the Palestinian Authority visit Bil'in as guests of Gush Shalom, observe weekly protest demonstration against the wall.

12.4.06 - "A Call To Europe" - large Gush Shalom ads in three newspapers appeal to the leaders of the European Union and European governments not to starve the Palestinian people by stopping monetary aid to the Palestinian Authority, after election of Hamas.

7.5.06 - Demonstration in front of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem during the hearing of the case of a-Ram against the Wall.

13.5.06 - Demonstration at a-Ram, Gush activists break through the fence, are tear-gassed and clubbed, meet with Hamas leader Muhammad Abu-Ter. First contact established.

19.5.06 - Uri and Rachel Avnery are received by Hamas Leader Muhammad Abu-Ter at his home in Um-Tuba in East Jerusalem, decide to organize wider meeting.

2.6.06 - Large demonstration at Bil'in with the participation of Sari Nusseibeh, Abu-Mazin's cabinet chief and other Palestinian leaders. Tear gas and rubber bullets.

3.6.06 - Demonstration against the occupation in Tel-Aviv, marching from Rabin Square to Museum Square.

6/6/06 - Gush Shalom executive committee meets with Hamas Leaders Muhammed Abu-Ter and Ahmed Atoun, discuss ways to establish dialogue between Hamas and Israeli peace organizations.

28.6.06 - First day of "Summer Rain" operation in the Gaza Strip after capture of soldier Gilad Shalit, Gush Shalom organizes immediate demonstration in front of Defense Ministry.

12.7.06 - International Herald Tribune in all its edition throughout the world publishes large paid ad of Gush Shalom, "Calling Europe", in which Europe is requested to intervene.

13.7.06 - "Stop it Now!" On second day of the war in Lebanon, Gush Shalom and other organizations demonstrate against the war at the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv.

16.7.06 - Fifth day of the war, large march in Tel-Aviv against the war in Gaza and Lebanon. "Stop Shooting, Start Talking!"

22.7.06 - Eleventh day of war, 5000 activists of Gush Shalom and other groups march from Rabin Square to Cinematheque Square in Tel-Aviv, hold a rally against the war.

30.7.06 - A few hours after the massacre at Kana in South Lebanon, spontaneous protests at Ministry of Defense. 200 Gush and other activists demonstrate, demand to stop the war.

5.8.06 - 25th day of the war, 10,000 activists of Gush Shalom and other groups march from Disengoff Center to Magen David square in Tel-Aviv, hold a rally against the war.

10.8.06 - Gush activists "visit" belated Meretz demonstration against prolongation of the war opposite Ministry of Defense.

27.10.06 - Big demonstration in Bil'in, several wounded and arrested.

8.11.06 - Hours after the massacre in Bet-Hanoun, Gush activists take part in a spontaneous protest demonstration opposite the Ministry of Defense with a symbolic blood-stained national flag.

2.12.06 - Coalition of Peace Organizations carries out a protest march in Tel-Aviv against the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Photos of all these events are available.

Since August 1993, the Gush publishes a weekly position paper as a paid ad in Haaretz (page 2 on Fridays). For lack of funds, in no other paper.The Gush has issued many stickers (e.g. joined Israeli and Palestinian flags), buttons and T-shirts.

This list does not include the various public meetings, internal discussion groups and similar activities.