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Outlawing the Islamic Movement - a demagogic and anti-democratic move, harmful in every respect

Gush Shalom statement, Nov. 17, 2015: Also those who disagree with the positions of the Islamic Movement in Israel should say clearly and unequivocally that Netanyahu's outlawing this movement is a demagogic and anti-democratic move, harmful in every respect. Up to now, the Islamic Movement acted openly, undertaking various political and religious activities which were public and visible for all to see.

It is no coincidence that the heads of the Shabak Security Service had strong reservations about such a move. For many months they strongly advised the government not to drive underground a mass movement which has tens of thousands of supporters among the Arab citizens of Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has taken advantage of the atmosphere of hysteria following the atrocity in Paris, in order to take an ill-considered step and gain cheap immediate popularity among a frightened and confused public, at the expense of incurring serious long-term damage. Historical experience in many times and places has shown that when a government gets away with outlawing one political movement, there would follow acts of oppression also towards other movements and parties.

The Northern Islamic Movement and its leader Sheikh Raed Salah were charged with fanning the flames at the Mosque Compound in East Jerusalem. But the very last body entitled to make such charges is a cabinet whose ministers include Uri Ariel, the foremost of all Temple Mount provocateurs and firebrands. When the government in which Ariel is Minister of Agriculture outlaws Sheikh Salah’s movement, there is no escaping a feeling of outright discrimination and double standards in the actions and policies of the current government of Israel.

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