This Week's Message 

They all have families to support

Fuad Sabti Jouda, 48 years old
From the village of Iraq at-Tayeh
Did not get a permit
To work in Israel.

To support his four children,
He, like thousands of others.
Crossed every morning
A breach in the Separation Fence.

On Sunday this week,
An army Jeep arrived.
The soldiers shot a heavy barrage
Of tear gas grenades.

Fuad Sabti Jouda did not know
That his heart had a hidden defect.
Though not disturbing normal life,
Such a hidden defect
Can cause death
On inhaling a large dose of tear gas.
That is what happened.

Will the other workers
Who saw him fall down and die
Stop crossing the Fence every morning?
No. They all have families to support.