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Tel Aviv - launching the anti-occupation campaign

Already for fifty years, successive Israeli governments maintain military rule over the Palestinian people, denying their most basic rights and depriving them of liberty, incidentally plunging Israel's own society into repeated crises and poverty.

Today, Friday March 3, 2017 at 11:00 am, at the "Black Platform" square in the corner of Herzl and Rothschild in downtown Tel Aviv, will be launhcned the campaign to return the occupation to the focus of public discourse in Israel. To mark the impending fiftieth anniversary of the occupation, peace groups, organizations and political parties, as well as artists and poets will arrive on Friday to the square - to start a discussion, provide information, ask questions and a suggest courses of action in the struggle against the occupation.

In the invitation to the event, the organizers stated: "We are the second generation of Israelis to be born and raised into a situation in which the settlement enterprise is the biggest project undertaken by the government of Israel and the army's primary mission is to maintainthe occupation. For many years we are being told us that this is needed for our security, that we must go on living by the sword. For years we are told that repeated rounds of fighting in Gaza are an unavoidable destiny. Instead striving to end the conflict and to blaze a trail forward to a future of peace, successive Israeli governments have chosen to deepen the occupation, expand settlement construction, and in recent years also to resort to crude incitement and the deliberate sowing of divisions among different parts of the Israeli society".